What Do Spinal Subluxations Do to a Child?

Spinal subluxations in a child's spine can have significant long-term consequences. Many adults who come to the chiropractor for the first time are found to have severely degenerated spines. The bewildering thing about these problems is that with so much spinal deterioration present, the problem must have been present for many years, probably since childhood. Frequently though, the patient experiences no pain until the problem reaches an advanced state of degeneration. By including regular spinal check-ups into a child's healthcare program, such major problems in adult life can be reduced or avoided.

Which Common Kids' Disorders Have Been Linked to Spinal Subluxations?

The common childhood problems that children commonly visit the chiropractor for include: earaches/ear infections, headaches, colic, asthma, bed-wetting, ADHD and growing pains. If a child is experiencing any of these problems on an on-going basis, then a spinal check-up could provide some answers. If a spinal problem is involved then just a few adjustments can make a big difference.

What Are Some of the Signs of Possible Subluxation?

The following signs could indicate spinal subluxation is present:

  • Head Tilt
  • One Shoulder Higher than the Other
  • Spinal Curve or Scoliosis
  • Restricted or Painful Movements of the Neck or Back

    Is It Safe for Children to Have Chiropractic Care?

    Chiropractors have an excellent safety record, especially where children are concerned. The scientific literature records no incidents where a child's spine has been injured by being adjusted by a Chiropractor. Obviously, the methods for adjusting children and babies are adapted for their small size and developing spines. Chiropractic spinal care is one of the safest health care procedures children can experience.