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Hello Everyone,

We are open and are here to help you, your family and our community stay as healthy as possible through these uncertain and stressful times. Please note that my family and I DID NOT travel outside Ontario during the March break.  As we navigate this situation, Main Family Chiropractic is relying on guidance from national and local Chiropractic associations and healthcare organizations to direct our actions. Many, including the International Chiropractic Association view Chiropractic care as an essential healthcare service that can be used by patients with a wide array of health concerns. DO NOT NEEDLESSLY SUFFER! acute and/or chronic pain will lower your body’s defenses and anti-inflammatories decrease the effectiveness of your immune system. We are here to help, the emergency number is 905-449-3937 (call or text anytime)

The recommendations from the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) are as follows:

  • Chiropractic services can continue for emergency/acute patients. Acute means “in pain” for example headaches/migraines, joint pain, neck and back pain, subluxated ribs, etc. It is incumbent on the individual practitioner to exercise their best professional judgement to determine what constitutes emergency/acute care.
  • Specifically, chiropractors may receive patients who have suffered a musculoskeletal trauma, or those dealing with neuromusculoskeletal problems or pain, in order to offer an effective therapeutic option for these patients.
  • Additionally, many patients in chiropractic care have some form of ongoing pain (chronic pain) and seek regular treatment to manage their condition and to prevent a flare-up or augmentation of their symptoms. In the professional judgement of qualified, skilled and compassionate practitioners these patients can be considered as emergency/acute cases, as the withdrawal of care would lead to an unacceptable deterioration in their condition, which makes the care provided to them an essential chiropractic service. (www.cco.on.ca)

We have put in place several health and safety measures for our patients:

  • cleaning and sterilizing all touched surfaces between each patient
  • patient questionnaire/screening upon arrival
  • patients will be spaced apart so there are as few people in the office as possible
  • additional appointment times (outside of regular hours) have been set up for patients who are part of the “vulnerable sector”


  1. STAY CALM- take a breath, meditate (app called Calm), go for a walk and get some Vit D from the sun.
  2. STAY INFORMED- get your information from credible government websites please try to stay away from fake news and social media pages that are spreading fear, anger, judgement and anxiety.
  3. STAY HEALTHY-lots of water and warm liquids like herbal teas and soups, healthy food (you know- it’s all the stuff still left in the grocery stores lol), proper sleep, exercise and keep your nervous system working at its full potential.

If you have any questions please contact us via phone 905-697-8083 or email mainfamilychiro@gmail.com

See you soon, Dr. Jenn Tremain




To be the best in the eyes of our patients (especially the children) as we help them achieve their health goals and full potential through natural care.    



Dr. Jennifer Tremain DC, FICPA

-Doctor of Chiropractic

- Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

-Pediatric Certificate of Proficiency and Webster Technique Certified

-Certified Functional Neurology (Dr. Michael Hall,  Brain DC.com)

-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (The Kalish Institute)


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